Closing and Initial Cost Calculator

Home Cost($)   Total Cost of your new Home
Down required for Mortgage($)   Total down payment (down payment - cost = mortgage amount )
Earnest down payment($)   The total down payment or earnest money given to the Real Estate Agent
Insurance($)   Home owners insurance. This is required by lenders in Florida and will vary
upon location.
Taxes($)   The approximate annual real estate taxes. This may be found at the applicable
count appraisers web site.
Interest Rate   Mortgage interest rate
Purchase Month   Month when you expect your purchase to close. The closing date is the date
ownership is transferred to you.
Purchase Day   Day of the month when closing will take place
Points   The amount of points that your lender will charge
Escrow  (Taxes, Insurance)   May vary by lender 
Closing Fees    
Title Insurance    
City/County Stamps Fee    
State Stamps Fee    
Survey   May be Prepaid 
Inspection   May be prepaid 
Insurance   May be Prepaid 
Mortgage Interest    
Initial Total Costs   Anticipated closing Costs (Your costs may differ)
Funds Required at
  Closing costs including the mortgage down payment less any earnest money. The funds you require may differ

Home Buyers Guide

Automatic recalculation 

Use the above as guide, other fees may apply. Law requires all lenders to provide good faith estimate of closing costs.

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